Gold Leaf


 The Everyday Dude uses this craft technique to add a unique lustrous, shimmering effects to your artwork, shopfront, motorbike, car or any other detail with gold leaf! 

Basically, Gold leaf is gold, which has been hammered into very thin sheets using the gold beating process. The craftsmen use this gold leaf to adorn a surface, which is called gilding. The creative craftsman uses gold leaf, copper leaf, or silver leaf sheets on the glass to create amazing letters, signs, or patterns.

It can be applied to the artwork using a few methods:

  1. Water Gilding: In this leafing art, we add the gold sheets with a mix of water and gelatin to the glass for a mirror finish. It is the best technique of this craft and produces the most excellent results with the durability.

  2. Oil Gilding:  This is an oil-based leafing technique in which we add the gold sheets with an oil-based, sticky adhesive for a matt finish. A wide selection of metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and copper can be used in this gladding technique.

We specialise in a wide range of gilding methods from our studio in Melbourne. With our creativity and flexibility with projects, we are successfully providing a wide range of Gilding services from private commissions to larger commercial projects.


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