Gold leaf,
hand painted signs

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Gold Leaf

Gold leaf application is an ancient craft. Used by amazing craftsmen before the vinyl era. Applying gold and silver leaf sheets in to a glass in reverse to create lettering or patterns. There are a few methods of applying the gold: (1) Water gilding - adding the gold sheets with a mix of water and gelatine to the glass for a mirrow finish or (2) Oil gilding - adding the gold sheets with oil base size Glue for a matt finish.

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Murals are important in that they bring art into the public sphere. Due to the size, cost, and work involved in creating a mural, muralists must often be commissioned by a sponsor. Often it is the local government or a business, but many murals have been paid for with grants of patronage. For artists, their work gets a wide audience who otherwise might not set foot in an art gallery. A city benefits by the beauty of a work of art.

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Hand Painted Signs

There was a time where signs, murals, shop fronts and even street signs where all painted by hand. Like many skilled trades the sign industry has been overun by quick, cheap and ugly vinyl. Fortunately, there is a growing trend to seek our traditional trade coming back.

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